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The "ProfileManages" Web Part appears to be causing a problem.

‚ÄčThis error message (complete with spelling error) means that you do not have access to the User Profile Service. You may also find that you are unable to browse to the web site in the first place after authenticating. This is caused by the web-front-end server being denied access to the User Profile Service, which is usually due to a misconfiguration of the permissions.

Go to Central Administration and then Service Applications. Select the User Profile Service in the list of Service Applications and click on "Permissions" in the ribbon. Make sure that the user account under which the web application runs (e.g. sp_app) is given access to the UPA by selecting it in the picker and adding it and giving it "Full Control" (the only option. If your UPA is federated from another farm you will need to go to Central Admiminstration on that farm to do this.